Custom-Engineered Containment Flooring

Video transcription:

Hi, this is Tracy Switzer, president of Shelter Works. Today I’m going to answer the question, “What if I need a building that does two specific functions in two separate rooms, very unique from each other?”

Behind me, you’ll notice I’ve got a building here with a set of double doors that’s elevated off the floor. It’s also extra tall. That’s for allowing large equipment in and out of the building. The other door comes right down to the floor in the typical manner. That building didn’t need to have elevated floors. We’ve got custom formed openings for an air conditioner in the wall. We’ve got ventilation systems coming out through this wall over here. Let’s take a look inside.

I’m standing inside the portion of the building that now is the containment area. As you can see down below here, this flooring is all open-grating, fiberglass, non-skid, corrosion-resistant floor grating. And below the floor grating is a subfloor. And that floor is tapered from a high point at this edge, going down to the center, to a low point. And that’s where, if anything were to drip here, it would run to the low point and then it can be sucked out.

Okay, now let’s take a step down into the control room. Obviously, this room does not need to have spill containment, so the floor is not grating. But these rooms are completely isolated from each other. Any spill that happens in that room could not migrate into this room. Even fumes from that room are separated from this room. The partition wall that divides these rooms into two is completely fiberglassed in and sealed so that there’s no crossflow.

Shelter Works custom builds every order, just for your application. Whatever you need, we’ll try to do it for you. Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.