Containment Floors Prevent Hazardous Spills

Need a containment floor? If your project requires you to prevent hazardous spills from exiting the building, the innovators at Shelter Works can seamlessly integrate a fiberglass emergency spill containment basin system with an elevated fiberglass grid flooring to allow hundreds of gallons of liquid to be contained, so workers could safely continue to walk on the fiberglass grid flooring.

Our liquid-tight containment basins are designed with the depth needed for the worst-case volume.  Remove any spilled liquid with a sump, a side wall drain, or a bottom drain of your choosing.  For particularly aggressive chemicals, we can use a high-end resin specifically designed to withstand the threat.  If an operator might need to enter the building before the spill can be properly disposed of, there’s the option of a fiberglass grating walking surface that’s supported above the containment basin.