Custom Flooring For Your Fiberglass Building

We offer several different floor and base options to meet the exact needs of your job site.  Our standard shelter comes without a floor so that it can be placed directly on a concrete foundation at the job site (this is referred to as a drop-over). If you need a floor, we have several solutions, including:

  • Structural steel frames/skids (painted or galvanized)
  • Structural aluminum frames
  • Structural composite frames (wood and Fiberglas)
  • Containment basins
  • Diamond plate floor deck
  • Vinyl composite tile
  • Chemical resistant anti-slip gel coat

There are a variety of options available to you when it comes to designing your custom shelter.  We offer a wide range of solutions that will help you get the best possible shelter to meet your project’s needs.

  • Steel Skid Base

  • Fiberglass grid flooring over containment basin

  • Fiberglass grid flooring over containment basin

  • Diamond Plate Metal

  • Reinforced Fiberglass Floor

  • Vinyl Composite

  • Some shelters are placed directly on a concrete base

    (This is referred to as a “dropover”)

  • "Dropover" shelters are secured to cement base at site

‘No Floor’ Option

Our most commonly used, and most economical option is one that doesn’t come with any floor.  The end user pours concrete, usually a full slab, and the shelter is affixed, using anchor bolts every 24”, to the concrete through the shelter’s interior fiberglass flange. (High wind load areas may require closer spacing.)  Heavy duty ConSeal™ bitumen gasket between the building and the concrete prevents rain from entering the space

Steel Base Skids

If the shelter floor needs to carry a heavy load during transport prior to final installation, we offer a metal base frame with powder coat or 2-part epoxy paint to keep it protected from the elements.  A floor load of thousands of pounds can be easily supported with lifting eyes firmly welded to a metal frame with the correct C-channel thickness.  We’ve shipped several buildings on 8” channel, one weighed nearly 15,000 lbs!

Reinforced Fiberglass Floor

Another option is ¾” plywood completely encapsulated in fiberglass.  This reinforced fiberglass floor is installed inside the building above the interior base flange so it rarely comes into any contact with water.  This is an excellent long-term floor and it’s covered by our industry leading 25-Year Warranty. If you are concerned about slips and falls we can easily add a gritty skid resistant texture to your fiberglass floor to reduce slipping.

Diamond Plate Metal

When a metal frame is specified, an additional floor option becomes available: the ubiquitous diamond plate metal walking surface.  A metal floor is the least expensive of all the options, with the downside that it may not last as long as a multi-generational fiberglass floor.

Vinyl Composite Tile

Prefer a more finished look?  You can add an industrial grade vinyl tile for a more attractive interior appearance while offering the durability 1/8-inch thick tile.  This also gives you a greater variety of options when it comes to floor color.  This good looking floor is popular amongst our telecom customers.

Containment Floors

The innovators at Shelter Works can seamlessly integrate a fiberglass emergency spill containment basin system with an elevated fiberglass grid flooring to allow hundreds of gallons of liquid to be contained, so workers could safely continue to walk on the fiberglass grid flooring. Our liquid-tight containment basins are designed with the depth needed for the worst-case volume.  Remove any spilled liquid with a sump, a side wall drain, or a bottom drain of your choosing.  For particularly aggressive chemicals, we can use a high-end resin specifically designed to withstand the threat.