Graffiti-Free Equipment Buildings

Looking for graffiti-free equipment buildings?

While many believe graffiti to be an “art form” that dates back thousands of years, many others see it as an inevitable nuisance that must be dealt with.  Our customers are eager for easy solutions to eliminate the illicit artwork spray-painted onto buildings throughout their cities, and they find that Shelter Works can provide graffiti-free equipment buildings for all their equipment protection needs.

After installation, many of our clients who are responsible for the on-going maintenance of the fiberglass buildings discover graffiti on the sides of their structures over the years.  Shelter Works graffiti-free equipment buildings are made with a polymer gel coat that resists graffiti and makes clean-up super easy

The Graffiti Test

We bought standard black and red spray paint from the local hardware store and “tagged” four different areas of a building wall.  On the left-hand side, we used the Odorless Mineral Spirits and on the right, MEK.  While the Mineral Spirits decreased the visibility of the paint, the MEK eliminated the paint much more effectively.

In addition, the solvent had no effect on the gel coat, so the originally-intended color of the building remains intact.  So if you find that you need a graffiti-free equipment building that can withstand the abuse of clandestine artists, specify a Shelter Works prefabricated fiberglass building.