New Manufacturer’s Rep for the New England Marketplace

Shelter Works is pleased to announce that F.R. Mahony & Associates, Inc. has been named as a new manufacturer’s rep for Shelter Works, serving water and wastewater customers throughout the New England marketplace. John Swanson, Channel Manager, said, “We are so excited to have F. R. Mahony & Associates, Inc. on board, as they have a long and strong history of providing customized water and wastewater treatment solutions to their customers. What’s great about F. R. Mahony & Associates, Inc. is that their values and objectives match so well with ours: to bring an affordable yet still high-quality, customize solution for any size customer throughout New England.”

F. R. Mahony & Associates, Inc. has been in business for over 55 years and is known for their highly knowledgeable, degreed staff, who advise customers on the best application systems to meet their particular needs. Ed Quann, President of F. R. Mahony & Associates, Inc., explains, “Because we our sales and engineering staff is comprised largely of  degreed engineering professionals including a registered, professional engineer, we can make it much easier for our customers. There is value added by having a licensed, Grade 7 wastewater operator on staff, so we can really help customers develop the right low-cost, customized systems. In addition to providing experienced engineer sales and service on water and waste water treatment applications, F. R. Mahony & Associates, Inc. also offers its proprietary Amphidrome® system, a customized treatment system that provides the highest degree of nitrogen removal available.

We recently asked Mr. Quann why he chose to partner with Shelter Works. “Shelter Works philosophy meshes well with our own, and we are eager to provide a holistic package to our customers that has the same high-quality feel from start to finish. We are also excited to leverage Shelter Works vast experience with protecting equipment for all kinds of applications. The scope and breadth of projects they have engineered is tremendous. In addition, Shelter Works is very well-known in the marketplace, with a well-established track record.” Quann went on to talk more about the future of equipment protection. “We see a lot more opportunities to expand. Pre-engineered concrete is quite popular, but as more and more people begin to see what an affordable yet high-end solution Shelter Works provides, we believe more organizations will want to take advantage of the benefits of a Shelter Works shelter.

We will be in Boston this January with F. R. Mahony & Associates, Inc. at the New England Water Environment Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibit. Stop by our booth so that we may introduce you to F. R. Mahony & Associates, Inc. and show you how our shelters can solve your field equipment protection challenges.

If you’d like to learn more about F. R. Mahony & Associates, Inc., visit their website here.