Wall Penetrations

Here is the transcript for this video:

Shelter Works fiberglass field equipment shelters offer three main options for adapting your shelter to your equipment when wall penetrations are needed.  By using bulkheads, knockout panels, and formed openings, you can accommodate existing and future wall penetrations without compromising the integrity of the wall’s core.  A bulkhead is an area of a wall where there is no foam.  Instead there is a ¼” layer of fiberglass that can be cut to fit penetrations that will be made in the field.

Bulkheads are uniform to the exterior wall of the building, and won’t show from the outside. These can be used for a single pipe or for more complex applications that require multiple penetrations.

Knockout Panels are specified for existing equipment or pipes that cannot be moved. A building can be dropped over existing equipment without disturbing the current pipes.

Formed openings are used when there is a need to accommodate HVAC units, windows or ventilation components. Other manufacturers simply cut a hole in the wall to accommodate these needs, but that could expose the core and ruin the integrity of the wall construction. Shelter Works formed openings are made during the production process which provides better protection.

Whether it’s a bulkhead, a knockout panel or a formed opening, Shelter Works can custom engineer your building to your exact equipment requirements. Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life!