Removable Roof Hatches

Hi, I’m Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works, and today I’m gonna answer the question, “What if I need a roof hatch?”

Roof hatches are something we do all the time at Shelter Works.

Many of our clients need to be able to get something out of the building that’s perhaps large or cylindrical that they have to get out but don’t want it to go out through the door.  They may not want to take apart the building or take the roof off, so we can offer custom-made roof hatches. We, of course, built the roof and then we add a custom curve into the roof. It’s all molded and integrated as one piece curves.  There are no seams, no potential for a leak here and the lids are like a shoe box lids. It’s slipped over the top of the edge so it’s a labyrinth seal. Driving rain? Nothing can get in there! And yet, when you take that lid off, you have complete access to whatever is inside the enclosure that you need to get to. We can do roof hatches in any size. We’ve put as many as four roof hatches in one enclosure. And if it’s going to be accessed very frequently, we can make it hinged with gas springs that will hold it up and latch it down.

For less frequent access, we will typically just fasten the lid down from the inside with screws. And that works great for most of our clients.

Here we’ve provided a stainless steel lifting eye so that once that lid is unfastened inside, you can pick this thing off with an overhead piece of equipment (whatever equipment you’re going to use to remove whatever is inside).

Another option is we can form the roof curve like we do with the fiberglass-integrated, seamless-and install an aluminum or steel hatch on top, if that what is specified for your job. Remember, we want to make it right for you; this is a custom-made enclosure.

Remember, it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.