Find out how to repair the caulk on your shelter

Hi, I’m Tracy Switzer, president of Shelter Works. Today, I’m going to answer the question, “How do I inspect the caulk on my building, and what do I do if it needs to be touched up?”

So, our buildings look like they’re made in one piece, but in fact, they are made in panels. Each wall has a separate panel, and the roof has a separate panel, and the joints are hidden in the corners. You wouldn’t know it, but there’s a joint right here. It’s always on the right side of the corner where the walls meet each other, and we’ve got it sealed with a color-matched, high-quality caulking material so that the joint basically goes away.

Not only does the caulk go in the corners where the panels join each other, but we also put caulking around anytime we have an opening in the wall or something added to the building, like a vent hood over a vent, or the drip cap over a door, around a window through the wall, a turbine vent through the roof. Anywhere that water could potentially come through an opening, we want to make sure it’s nicely, tightly caulked.

Caulk needs to be inspected once in a while. It’s unlikely that it would ever fail. We use a very high-quality caulk, but if it were ever to pull away from the smooth fiberglass surface, it’s not a problem to fix it. You just basically cut away what’s loose and inject some new color-matched caulk in there, and smooth it off with the thumb, wipe your thumb on a rag, and it’s done.

If you ever find something that needs to be touched up, remember, you can always call us for some color-matched caulk. You shouldn’t need it because, remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.