Maintaining Quality Standards During Equipment Shelter Assembly

Video Transcription For Equipment Shelter Assembly

Hi, I’m Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works. We make these videos from time to time to educate you, to show you why our buildings are of better quality. Take a look back at some of our past videos and you’ll see how we’ve hit them with baseball bats to show that they’re impact resistant. We’ve sprayed them with graffiti to show that they can be easily cleaned up. We’ve highlighted the custom color patterns and how we make the best doors in the industry, how we make formed openings for our ventilation systems so they’re not cut through the walls. But we’ve never really shown you how it all comes together. Today, we’re going to do that.

So today’s question is, “How do we instill that sense of quality through the assembly process?”

Of course, it starts by making high quality parts, which we’ve shown you: our FiberBeam technology, the way we laminate things, and the way we make our doors and all. But then people have to put these parts together in an equipment shelter in a way that looks good and is a long-lasting solution. We’re looking for things like alignment, fit, and finish.

Our prefabricated buildings are amazing! Check out this high-speed video showing assembly of a Shelter Works’ high-quality equipment shelter.

We want to make sure that when we hang the doors in the equipment shelter, that they’re squarely in their jambs, that they operate smoothly, and that the gasketing is performing its job. We want to make sure that we caulk things so that the seams disappear to the eye. It’s usually a color matched caulking, and if our joints are aligned properly, they almost disappear. Even our lifting eyes, when they’re installed, we make sure that we bolt them through and also put a little bit of sealant behind them so that they’re weatherproof and waterproof. All these factors allow us to develop and deliver an equipment shelter that will last and last and last.

So now take a look at this high-speed video to show you what that process looks like.

So there you have it, high-quality components being assembled in a high-quality way to deliver you a high-quality enclosure. Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.