Hi. I’m Tracy Switzer, and today I’m gonna answer the question, can we do additions? A customer is heading new equipment and control to a pump station and they asked us to design a three-sided building. It will attach to an existing building instead of purchasing a new, larger building. The goal for this pump station is to remain completely operational during the upgrade. By adding a prefabricated three-sided addition, the customer intends to avoid interruptions or shutdowns that may occur by having to relocate existing pumps and machinery. Making a three-sided addition required a lot of custom work. Walls had to be shortened. The roof had to be lowered and it slopes to one side. And, custom flanges were formed to allow the addition to be bolted up to an existing building. We also formed a removable roof hatch that will allow equipment to be removed and replaced without removing the building. Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, not only was it built for life, it was built to make life easier.