Why Prefabricated Shelters?

One of the great advantages of  Shelter Works prefabricated buildings is off-site construction.

What does that mean?

All The Benefits, None of the Hassle

It means that you get all the benefits and none of the hassles. Your equipment shelter is constructed completely off-site under controlled plant conditions. The construction is done strictly to code using the highest quality materials and endless design options. The structures are built to the same building standards as conventionally-built facilities but with dramatically lower labor costs and typically quicker turnaround times.

  • Better Construction Management Process

    Because the buildings are constructed in a controlled environment, materials are stored in a secure plant location until the exact time of installation, preventing the damage and deterioration often experienced at traditional construction sites. This includes wood and foam insulation inside the walls, door hardware, and electrical componentry and HVAC equipment.

    Seam seals, joining hardware and other detail work is all done inside the plant so there is no worry about moisture, blowing dirt or other weather conditions ruining the integrity of the finish work.

  • More Safe, More Secure

    Removing almost all of the site building construction activity dramatically reduces disruption and vehicular traffic, which improves safety and security at the job site.

  • QC/QA Done For Your!

    Quality control, inspection and testing protocols are done at the plant as well for all our prefabricated shelters.

  • On Time and Hassle-Free

    With traditional on-site construction, you’d have to deal with the aggravation of scheduling a multitude of subcontractors–roofers, painters, electricians, stonemasons, carpenters, and other construction professionals. Then you’d have to coordinate these craftsman in a tightly orchestrated timeline that would (most likely) get off schedule due to weather delays and contractor holdups. With offsite construction, the work is all coordinated for you and the equipment shelter arrives fully assembled, wired and ready to go. This allows you to focus on other important projects on the job site, saves on labor costs, wasted down time, and a whole lot of headaches!

    Your fully-assembled, “ready to plug-in” prefabricated building is installed in hours, not weeks or months.

So if you’re looking for higher quality, faster turnaround times, turnkey construction, streamlined delivery and installation, then make sure you specify Shelter Works for your next field equipment enclosure needs.