Shedding Light on Skylights


Hi I’m Tracy Switzer, president of Shelter Works, and today I’m going to shed some light on skylights. I’m standing inside at one of our shelters. This shelter has no electric lighting, the doors are closed, there are no windows, yet the room is filled with light all coming through these skylights.

From sun up to sun down, skylights provide ample light, even on cloudy days, allowing people to service equipment inside the shelter. This 12 by 12 shelter is equipped with 2 skylights. Skylights can be placed anywhere in the roof in any quantity.

Now, there are three types of skylights: ones that leak, ones that will leak, and then ours–that will never leak. Let me tell you why.

A Shelter Works skylight is not a skylight that is purchased and then cut in and installed in the roof. It’s actually formed into the roof during the molding process. It is seamless. There are no joints, no fasteners, no seams, no cracks. It’s one solid piece.

I’m a big fan of electric lights. We install all types at Shelter Works. But when electricity is not available or it’s cost prohibitive, natural skylights that are leak-proof, guaranteed, make a great alternative solution.

Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.