Can You Reuse It? Fiberglass Buildings That Last and Last and Last

Shelter Works customers are always looking to maximize the money spent on the fiberglass buildings that provide field equipment protection, and one Midwestern utility customer is making the most of their investments in odorizer buildings and other field equipment enclosures.

This utility company manages natural gas resources in the Midwest using odorizer buildings and SCADA shelters that protect equipment from weather and vandalism. For over 10 years, Shelter Works has been helping this customer guard such equipment with their fiberglass buildings, but those needs change over time. Because of their flexibility and longevity, they provide exactly what is needed.

Buildings That Can Be Reused For Years

Shelter Works buildings provide a cleaner look, lower overall maintenance and because they are so long-lasting, can be reused again and again

The field equipment may be required in one area for several years, but then no longer be needed at that location. Do they abandon the building? No–they often reuse it! One of their engineers, explains, “The way the Shelter Works buildings are set up, they are easy to move. By detaching the anchors that hold
them to a concrete pad and using the lifting rings on the corners of each building, a backhoe is typically all that is needed to move the building. Generally these are smaller buildings that weigh a little over 1 ton. We just pull the Shelter Works building off of the concrete slab and send it on a truck to another
location. That keeps costs down and helps preserve our budgets.”

Typically, a SCADA building is either 8’ x 10’ or 10’ x 16’, whereas their odorizer setup can be configured in any one of four different sizes. The engineer went on to say, “We know they work well–their reliability record is very strong. They show up on time; we know what we’re getting; and they last a long
time. In fact, we have found that the Shelter Works fiberglass building typically outlasts the equipment it houses.“ This utility has been able to extend the life and usefulness of a given Shelter Works structure by reusing it…simply moving it to a different location.

Fiberglass Structure Performs Better Than Steel

Shelter Works buildings replace old, rusty, metal SCADA buildings throughout the Midwest.

Oftentimes, the Shelter Works fiberglass buildings are replacing an older metal building. As the engineer
explained, “The metal buildings always rust and corrode. With Shelter Works, we don’t have to worry
about any of those issues. There’s no paint to peel–virtually no maintenance at all with these Shelter
Works buildings.”

In every aspect of their shelters, Shelter Works strives to provide the most cost-effective solutions for its
customers — ultra-durable, energy-efficient and maintenance-free. The unique fiberglass building
construction and proprietary FiberBeam™ technology ensure that Shelter Works enclosures last a long
time and are incredibly flexible.

If you, like this Midwestern customer, are looking to maximize your budget and make the most of your
investments, give us a call today!