Roof Fire Ratings

Our roof materials carry a “Class C” designation for the CAN/ULC S107 (2010) Methods of Fire Tests of Roof Coverings and ASTM E108 (2011) Standard Test Methods For Fire Tests of Roof Coverings.

In the first quarter of 2014, an independent testing agency ran tests on Shelter Works roof materials, proving our “Class C” designation. The series of tests included these three:

  • Spread of Flames Test

    This test measures how quickly the fire spreads when a fan blows a flame onto the roof material for a sustained amount of time

  • Intermittent Flame Test

    This is similar to the Spread of Flame test but exposes the flame to the roof material on an intermittent basis, exposing it, then stopping, then exposing it, then stopping.

  • Burning Brand Test

    This test puts a combustible material on top of the roof to see what difference that makes on the test

Class C ASTM Roofing Material

In all cases, it passed for the “Class C” designation and in all three tests, there was no flaming of the underside of the deck.  What exactly does this mean? It means that all Shelter Works’ roof panels:

  • Are Certified “Class C” roofing material, compliant in standard testing against light fire exposures and are not readily flammable.
  • Afford a measurable degree of fire protection to the roof deck.
  • Do not slip from position and are not expected to produce firebrands, flying burning materials that continue to flame or glow after they have reached the floor.

This certification may be required in projects where the environment has the potential for fire hazard.  Rest assured that Shelter Works’ roof panels have been tried, tested and certified.

If you’d like more information, please ask one of our engineers to assist you by calling 800-794-8037.

If you’d like more information, please ask one of our engineers to assist you by calling 800-794-8037