Fiberglass shelters of different shapes, sizes and colors

While functionality and safety are our top concerns, Shelter Works still wants their structures to look great for a long time. All buildings have a faux brick texture and can be colored any way you’d like.

Because every fiberglass building we make is custom-made to our customer’s exact specifications, we can produce our buildings in any color in the rainbow and just about any pattern desired.  Our standard colors of Storm Gray, Meadow Green, Desert Sand or Polar White work well for most of our client’s needs.  But many desire something a little bit different.

The reasons our clients specify certain colors are as varied as the colors themselves.  Some want to match existing buildings or blend in with the backgrounds of their environments. Others need specific colors to match the neighborhood color schemes or to match the color palettes of the other structures nearby.

  • We Can Make Any Pattern

    This building protects radar equipment on an airstrip in California.

  • RF Transparent Building on Airstrip

  • Sky Blue Building Sits on Top of A Hill

  • Fireweed Red mimics a nearby brick building

  • Shamrock Green

  • Safety Orange Stands Out

  • We Can Put Any Color Anywhere On A Shelter

  • Dill Green

  • Federal Brown


Standard Colors

Standard Faux Brick Texture

It‘s Not Paint; It’s Gel Coat!

We don’t use paint to color our shelters; we use gel coat.  That means it is molecularly bonded as a part of the fiberglass resin.

Our (gel coat) finish is better than paint because it isn’t a topical coating but rather a pigmented resin with UV inhibitors bonded to the fiberglass substrate on a molecular level.

So What Does That Mean For You?

That means you NEVER have to repaint it, which means lower maintenance costs than other types of aluminum, wooden, steel or concrete structures you may have considered.

Attention to Aesthetics

  • Infinite Color Matching

    4 standard colors–Polar White, Dessert Sand, Meadow Green, and Storm Grey ; also custom pigments available

  • Faux Brick Texture

  • Smooth white interiors allow for maximum brightness

  • Finishing work hides joints and connective hardware

    Shelter Works finishes the buildings to hide and protect hardware from the harsh elements

  • Gel Coat locks color in permanently

    It’s much better than paint! Shelter Works uses a high quality gel coat that yields a quality finish, with good chemical/water resistance, gloss retention, weatherability, and resiliency

  • Ultra-Durability

    Formulated to meet the rigid requirements of transportation, boating, and sanitary applications