An Analyzer Shelter Manufacturer with an Unprecedented 25-Year Warranty

Shelter Works is an analyzer shelter manufacturer that custom engineers every building to your specifications.  Our fiberglass shelters can withstand extreme conditions and corrosive environments.  They won’t rot, rust, corrode or decay and are effectively maintenance free.

Depending on what equipment requires protection, you can specify your fiberglass shelters with the following:

Analyzer Shelter Manufacturer

  • Any Equipment

    By specifying knockout panels and/or bulkheads, our shelters can be designed to accommodate any existing or future pipe installations and field fabrications.

  • Any Heating or Cooling Requirements

    Each shelter can be engineered to maintain an optimal working environment for your monitoring equipment. Regulating temperatures can be achieved through increasing R-value, adding vents, or adding an HVAC package.

  • Any Flooring

    If your project requires a steel skid, a fiberglass floor frame, a containment basin or a no-floor ‘drop over’ option, we can provide a solution.

  • Any Lighting Package

    We offer a full range of indoor and outdoor fluorescent and LED lighting packages, as well as seamless skylights that are formed right into the roof and/or walls during the manufacturing process.

  • Any Size

    Shelter Works offers several different sized cabinets and walk-in shelters ranging from 4’x4’ to 16’x40’. We also build modular designs for larger structures.

  • Any Color

    Standard colors are Polar White, Desert Tan, Storm Grey, and Meadow Green but we can custom match to any color you require.

  • Any Integration Package

    Our Pre-engineered analyzer shelter solutions can be factory integrated to save time and money versus field installation.

  • Any Electrical Package

    Our licensed electricians can prewire the shelter’s electrical and mechanical gear for general purpose as well as hazardous (C1D1/C1D2) electrical installations.

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Analyzer Shelter

Our Analyzer Shelters Are Ideal for Protecting Equipment In Many Applications

  • AQS/Air Quality Measurement
  • Pollution Controls
  • Gas Analyzer
  • Instrumentation Remote Monitoring
  • MCC (Motor Control Centers)
  • Metering Stations
  • Odorizer Buildings
  • Wellheads
  • Gas Storage, Transmission or Distribution
  • Power Generation

Our Fiberglass Analyzer Shelters Are:

An Analyzer Shelter Manufacturer That Offers Complete Customization

There are endless options for customizing your fiberglass analyzer shelter. Learn more about all of your customization choices by clicking on the options below: