“Do you need a window for your shelter? If so, what type of window do you need?”

When you are talking with a Shelter Works engineer about your custom fiberglass field equipment shelter, you will have to answer this question. The purpose of this article is to help you understand your options.

It’s always best to start by understanding why you would need a window.

  • Some customers just want to bring in light to create a better working environment for those servicing the equipment.
  • Some need it for safety (to be able to look into the shelter before entering) to ensure a safe environment for workers.
  • Some would like ventilation options and therefore need an operable window with an insect screen.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

Shelter Works can provide any type of window to meet the specific needs of your application, but typically, we provide one of the following:

Cost-Effective Double-Paned Tempered Glass

 This is the most cost-effective window that offers standard, tempered safety glass that has good insulating properties. Although these usually come in 15″ x 15″ or 22″ x 36″ sizes, we can custom fit any size window anywhere in any wall or roof of the shelter.

Residential Sliders with Insect Screen

For those that need an operable sash that slides open and closed, this is the best option (note: the sashes can come operable on both ends if required)

Safety-Rated  Wire Mesh Glass

This type of reinforced window provides additional protection and might be specified for several different reasons:

  • To discourage vandalism
  • To protect the integrity of the window during hurricanes
  • To protect against flying debris caused by airplane jet wash on FAA field equipment buildings on active runways

Plexiglas (or Alternatively, Lexan)

For many of our customers, our corrosive-resistant, fiberglass buildings are chosen because they need to protect equipment in aggressive chemical environments. For these types of applications, chemicals could possibly etch glass, reducing opacity and therefore visibility. To combat this, we use either Plexiglas® or Lexan® for these types of situations.

Note: in our experience, Lexan may yellow in the sun over time

Fire-Rated Glass

The FAA buildings we create for use on airstrips around the country require glass with a 45 minute fire rating. Let us know what your requirements are,  and we’ll be happy to meet your individual needs


Because Shelter Works skylights are actually an area of the fiberglass wall or roof that has no insulation so that the fiberglass can be translucent and let in light from sunup to sundown (even on a cloudy day), they never leak and can be a great alternative to bring light into a shelter.

No matter what your individual need is, we can provide you with exactly the type of window you were looking for