Metal versus Fiberglass: Which One is Right For You?

Chemical resistance, lightweight, impact resistance, with no corrosion, no chipping paint, and no electrical conduction. Find out the difference between metal buildings and Shelter Works’ fiberglass buildings and why it might be a better choice for your next project.

Shelter Works fiberglass equipment shelters are often considered alongside steel or aluminum buildings.  Which one is best for you? Let’s compare on all these factors.

Metal buildings corrode, whereas SW fiberglass shelters do not. Chemical applications could be a problem for metal buildings, but Shelter Works fiberglass shelters are impervious to most chemicals. Metal buildings can deform under impact Whereas Shelter Works fiberglass shelters will not.

When considering thermal insulation properties, metal has several challenges …Because metal expands and is conductive. In addition, the typical foam insulation used on metal buildings is exposed and therefore, attracts mice whereas, Shelter Works eliminates this potential nuisance because the foam is completely encapsulated. A Metal building also conducts electricity But Shelter Works fiberglass building does not

Steel or aluminum may interfere with EMI and RFI transmissions but Shelter Works’ fiberglass construction is both EMI and RFI transparent.

The weight of your building may be important to you; Shelter Works shelters are 70% lighter than steel and 25% lighter than aluminum. The composite design provides an inherent thermal barrier with low conductivity.Which will reduce both your transportation and foundation costs.

Steel buildings have tensile strength, but Shelter Works shelters have superior flexural strength and are therefore pound for pound stronger than steel.

If you need your building to be a specific color, get ready to paint—again and again! With Shelter Works, the color is molded into the exterior and bonded at a molecular level–no cracking, chipping, or peeling.  Which makes it virtually maintenance-free!

The warranty on a metal building can be anywhere from 1-10 years, but all Shelter Works fiberglass buildings come with a 25 year warranty and may have a useful lifespan of more than 60 years.

All of these factors add up to make Shelter Works fiberglass shelters the lowest lifetime cost of ownership with the greatest benefits over metal.

Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life!