Maintenance & Repair Advice

Shelter Works field equipment buildings are constructed to be high-quality and maintenance free structures that are “Built to Last.” That’s why we are totally comfortable offering a 25 year warranty.

Every once in a while, though, one of our customers wants to move or add a piece of equipment or change the use or configuration of the equipment being protected inside the shelter. At other times, something  may have inadvertently caused damage to the building (flying debris from a storm, human error, etc.). When that happens, repairs or changes need to be made, and those can easily be done in the field.

For those (and any other random scenarios that may arise), we offer a host of different information to assist in ensuring the highest possible quality workmanship.Shelter Works is committed to your success, and we have developed several documents to ensure proper care and maintenance of your field equipment shelter. Click on the relevant topic to download one of these helpful documents:

How To Inspect & Repair Caulk Seams