Fiberglass Buildings with Long Life and Graffiti Resistance

In December of 2013 the Town of Olla, Louisiana broke ground on a recreational complex that is part of LaSalle Parish’s “Live Lively LaSalle” fitness project, a Parish wide effort to combat obesity. They are in the process of expanding a walking trail, building a basketball court with bathroom facility, adding exercise stations and a farmers’ market.

The project engineer, Henry Shuler, chose a Shelter Works fiberglass building as part of this project for three reasons:

  • Price

    The cost of  purchasing the shelter was cheaper than building one, with a comparable life span, from the ground up. When you factor in the non-existent maintenance costs, the overall value of our shelters can’t be beat.

  • Longevity

    Our buildings come with an industry leading 25-Year Warranty. When we build a shelter, we build it for life.

  • Graffiti Resistance

    The protective barrier offered by our gel coats not only provide superior shielding from environmental stresses, they also allow for easy removal of graffiti. If the shelter is vandalized with spray paint, it can be easily removed using MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) without any negative effects to the shelter’s gel coat.