What Type Of Fan Do You Need for Your Fiberglass Building?

Did you know that intake and exhaust fans are essentially the same? How they work depends on how you install them. When a fan is specified as either ‘intake’ or ‘exhaust’ it usually means that the mounting kit it comes with is assembled to install for either one purpose of the other.

An intake fan is installed with the purpose of bringing outside air into the shelter. It is typically positioned at a lower point on the wall to maximize airflow.

An exhaust fan removes air from the shelter. They are generally installed high on the wall opposite the intake fan so they can suck warm air and gasses out.

There are some applications, namely wastewater, where gasses produced are heavier than air. This requires the ventilation placement to be reversed and the building to be exhausted from the lower portion of the wall. When you call us to inquire about our fiberglass buildings, our sales engineer can help you determine which ventilation system will work best for you and your application.