Field Equipment Cabinets For Every Industry

Over the years, we’ve had many opportunities to create fiberglass enclosures or custom-made field equipment cabinets for people who are looking for equipment protection but don’t want a full-sized building to protect it. If you are in the Water & Waste Water, Natural Gas, Telecom, Utility, Aviation, or Utility industries and have need for fiberglass enclosures or smaller custom-made field equipment cabinets to protect your equipment, give our engineers a call.  They’ll help you get just fiberglass enclosures you need!

Economical Custom Fiberglass Enclosures

We’ve been a fiberglass enclosure manufacturer for over 15 years and would be happy to create a fiberglass pump enclosure or any other kind of fiberglass enclosures you may need. We can create custom fiberglass enclosures, but we also have three standard configurations that can be modified for your specific applications, The Clamshell, our 2-piece or 3-piece custom-made field equipment cabinets, or our ‘Big Mouth’ fiberglass enclosures.

These units can be bolted down to the ground, to a concrete slab or timbers to secure the cabinet and can be made in such a way that it works exactly as you need it.  If you need 360-degreeaccess around the equipment, we can make a 3-piece cabinet that has a lid that lifts off for full access.  If you need a fiberglass pump enclosure that has a lid that lifts up on gas springs, just let us know.  We are a full-service fiberglass enclosure manufacturer that can protect tall equipment, small equipment and everything in between!

The Clamshell

  • Can be attached to existing surfaces to protect field equipment
  • Accommodates taller equipment
  • Typically 4’x10’x7’
  • Fiberglass construction withstands
    any field environment

2-Piece or 3-Piece Cabinets

  • Come in 2-piece or 3-piece options
  • 3’x4’x5’
  • Allows for full or partial access to equipment
  • Can be made with gas springs or “lift-off” handles
  • Fiberglass construction withstands
    any field environment

The Big Mouth

  •  3’ x 6’ x 4’
  • Can be attached to existing surfaces to protect field equipment
  • Sturdy hardware tough enough to withstand harsh field environments

Weather-Proof and Maintenance-Free!

Because Shelter Works is a premiere fiberglass enclosure manufacturer, we take the time to make sure it’s exactly right for you. Our custom-made fiberglass enclosures are strong enough to withstand any temperature, any weather, any corrosive conditions and maintain their good looks virtually maintenance-free. They resist damage from impact, chemicals, water, UV rays—even graffiti! They can be installed in less than a day by just a few people using common equipment that you probably already have on your typical job sites. They are super-strong and super-light.

So, if one of these cabinets looks like it might work for your fiberglass pump enclosure or any other application you have, that’s great. If not, let us know what you need. These are all custom-made exactly to your specifications, and remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was Built for Life™.