Can be as little as 2 weeks, but typically, we deliver approximately 6-8 weeks after customer approves the Submittal Package depending on our current work-in-progress. Add 2 weeks for P.E. Certification.

Most customers prefer to provide their own floor such as a concrete slab. We can provide a wide variety of custom designed floors for the application including metal or FRP fiberglass (optionally with slip-resistant surface or industrial grade Vinyl Composite tile). In addition we can provide a variety of support frames, with or without insulation, such as C channel, Rectangular Tubing, or wood encapsulated in FRP.


Generally not

The exterior width (narrow dimension) is even feet (i.e. 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 15’-10”)

There are several access methods to our shelters, including doors, access panels (hinged or removable), roll-up doors, roof hatchs, removable roofs, and removable buildings.

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