FAA Shelters That Meet Your Exact Needs

If you need FAA shelters,  like a radar shelter, Instrumentation Landing System (ILS ) building, or an Approach Lighting System equipment shelter, then you’re looking for an RF transparent building manufacturer like Shelter Works to custom-engineer your next aviation shelters!

Shelter Works has been serving the aviation industry for many years, providing the types of FAA shelter professionals need, like a radar shelter, ILS building, and other aviation shelters to meet both public and military landing strip field equipment needs across the country. We’ve supplied buildings for a broad range of applications and can build an FAA-approved shelter such as live slope enclosures, collision avoidance system buildings, and many other types of FAA shelter.

Because all of our frangible, RF transparent, fiberglass buildings are custom-made, our clients can get exactly what they need. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with a radar shelter that needs to be RF transparent, an Instrumentation Landing System  (ILS) equipment building that needs to accommodate existing cement footers or foundations, or an FAA shelter that houses specialized proper centerline and live slope equipment.  Shelter Works can accommodate your exact needs.

Because of Shelter Works’ unique wall and roof construction methods, our shelters are both strong and frangible.  Shelter Works constructs its buildings using a unique FiberBeam technology that allows the building to be pound for pound stronger than steel. This ensures that it can be made to withstand hurricane-force winds or very heavy snow loads….But because it is fiberglass construction, it easily meets the FAA’s frangibility requirements.

All of our buildings come with complete integration systems as specified by our customers. Whether you need emergency lighting, alarm systems, terminal boxes, surge arrestors, power distribution panels, underfloor or overhead cable trays, load bank controllers, 30 kVA transformers, and or complicated standard and back up HVAC systems, we’ve got you covered. Just let our engineers know exactly what you need.

Aviation Equipment Shelter Success Stories

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It‘s Not a Coating: It’s a Molecular Bond

RF Transparent Building
Fiberglass Equipment Shelter With Frangibility

Of course, any FAA shelters on an airstrip are required to be orange and white checkered for maximum visibility to the pilots.  Another great aspect of Shelter Works’ FAA shelters is that, because we use gelcoat instead of paint, there is no ongoing expense or effort to maintain that color on Shelter Works airstrip buildings. The gelcoat is molecularly bonded into the fiberglass resin, so it never needs to be painted.

The fiberglass building is performing as needed, and we couldn’t be happier.  There have been no issues, which is exactly what you want from a building!

Todd JSenior Project Manager of Contracting Company

“We were looking for a fiberglass telecom shelter that was aesthetically pleasing, built for Alaskan winters, and included an integration package all in one….when I found Shelter Works, I was happy.

Geofrey PFacilities Engineer for Airfield Contracting Company

“The team is really knowledgeable and easy to work with.  They were willing to do the research necessary to ensure that we met all the code requirements that the Air Force had.”

United States Air Force Base Contractor

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