Above and Beyond Customer Service and an Exotic Hawaiian Location

Shelter Works’ products can be found protecting equipment all over the northern hemisphere, from the edge of the Arctic Circle in Canada to the tip of Key West on Florida’s most outer key, all along the eastern seaboard and as far away west as Hawaii. Recently, we built a shelter for use on the Hawaiian Islands, where our client discovered what we mean by customer service.

Typically, our field equipment shelters arrive pre-assembled and ready to set in place with an on-site crane or other construction vehicle. In this case, however, the building was sent in pieces, with detailed instructions for assembly on site. This was done to minimize shipping costs without sacrificing construction quality. We’ve used this technique in the past where getting to the site poses its own set of challenges. One project required separate pieces to be carried inside a mine shaft and built once at the final destination deep within the mine.  Assembly for another project was carried out on a seafaring boat.

The Hawaiian field equipment shelter was designed to protect some electrical equipment. This final destination was close to water and salt air, so the project’s engineers determined that in order to reduce deterioration possibilities, a fiberglass enclosure with a 25-year warranty would provide the longest, most effective field equipment protection possible.

We spoke with one of our clients from a construction, mining and engineering company serving North American and beyond.  This was the person in charge of overseeing and coordinating assembly of the structure on site. Due to the time differences between St. Louis and Hawaii, and because of scheduling necessities, the client ended up having to call one of our in-house experts after 8 PM on a Friday night to confirm some assembly instructions. When asked about Shelter Works’ customer service, the client said that both Dania Imler (Project Manager) and Scot Lauth (Logistics Coordinator) were “very easy to work with“ and accommodating to the project’s needs.

Scot fielded the calls outside of normal office hours and laughed as he explained, “I didn’t mind the call at all. I wanted to make sure the client had the information needed. The first call came as I was shopping with my kids for a birthday party. It was no trouble though. The call didn’t take very long, as the client’s questions were very straightforward. Two more calls on Saturday clarified all that was needed, and we were done.” The client confirmed, “The building was fairly easy to put together with just a few field adjustments.“

Shelter Works takes customer service very seriously and will do whatever it takes to make sure that your Shelter Works buying, building and installation experiences are just what you would hope.

If you have a need for a building in a remote area or something that needs to be protected in a potentially corrosive or otherwise adverse environment, give us a call today. We would be happy to help!