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Prepare for the extreme or unexpected, including Earth’s deepest cold, a blazing desert sun, hurricane-force winds, and even polar bears.

This free, informative ebook shows examples of how Shelter Works shelters overcome the challenges of protecting equipment in the Arctic Circle, the unrelenting heat of the desert, or even in gale-force winds along the Florida coast.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (or NOAA), there were, in the U.S. alone, 16 weather and climate disaster events last year that created losses exceeding $1 billion.

Companies are reaching farther into more remote areas and turning to Shelter Works to help them, the public is expecting uninterrupted service and performance in places seen in times gone by as ‘hostile’ or ‘uninhabitable,’ and everyone has the assumption that the previous ‘impossible’ now has become ‘standard.’

Read about:

  • Protecting equipment in environmentally-protected areas of the Redwood Forest
  • Keeping workers and equipment safe at the edge of the Arctic Circle
  • Shelters that have held up without a scratch through some of the strongest hurricanes on record
  • Design features that keep the polar bears from damaging critical field equipment