Why is The Quality of The Door So Important To A Fiberglass Shelter?

Most people think of the door as simply the way into or out of a shelter. But we at Shelter Works know that the quality of the door is one of the key factors in the overall quality of the building. We know it is the #1 stress point for every shelter we build. Whether a single door, double door or rolling door, it is the part of the structure that gets the most use and endures the most stress. The door is the one thing on a building that you interact with, so our doors need to be solid, operate smoothly and provide a sense of security.

Shelter Works’ FiberWrap Seamless Doors are designed and built using our proprietary process to maximize long-term performance. We form our doors in a two part mold under high pressure and our fiberglass actually wraps seamlessly around the core, creating an incredibly tough and durable door that will withstand decades of use and exposure without failure.

Three heavy duty stainless steel ball-bearing hinges and an industrial hydraulic door closer ensure that the doors will operate smoothly, even in severe weather. Both our standard 3-point and optional panic hardware have their latching mechanisms surface mounted on the inside surface of the door so that the latches cannot be tampered with from the outside, making them very secure.

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