Why Can We Offer A 25 Year Warranty

Shelter Works products are engineered specifically to meet the rigid requirements of industrial applications because they need to live up to the tagline: “Built for Life.” We take a tremendous amount of care in designing the highest quality shelters, engineering each aspect, from the submittal drawings and the construction process to core materials, resin and gel coats, door construction and hardware, to final electrical wiring and installation. All of our shelters go through extensive quality checks to ensure that every shelter will perform to expectations.

“I have been working with fiberglass my whole life—even when I was a kid—so I’m very familiar with what it can do,” Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works, explains. “We’ve been building shelters for decades. Over the years, we have perfected our processes and engineered our products to eliminate the challenges usually associated with shelters. Our exclusive FiberBeam™ technology is one example of this. By having FiberBeams incorporated every 12 inches that bond the inner and outer layers of fiberglass skin, our walls and roofs end up being pound for pound stronger than steel. This allows our buildings to withstand hurricane-force winds and hold incredible amounts of snow—high in the Rocky Mountains, in Canada and even Alaska. Because other fiberglass manufacturers don’t go have this type of composite building system, they run into troubles with delamination but our FiberBeam construction eliminates that issue.”

“Other aspects of our structures add to the quality as well. The high-quality gel coats, the FiberWrap™ doors, the door hardware, the formed opening production process—all these aspects have been refined to provide our customers with the best we can provide,” Switzer continues. “Because of the production procedures put in place and our unique method of construction, we have found that Shelter Works’ shelters last a long time—maintenance-free—and that’s why we can stand behind our buildings and offer a 25-year warranty.”

We view our relationships with our clients as long-term partnerships; they rely on us to provide long-term solutions that protect for years and years. A 25-year warranty conveys that sense of partnership and gives customers peace of mind. They know they can trust the quality of our products to protect their critical field equipment.