Why Are Our Submittal Packages So Detailed?

Tracy: Hi, I’m Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works. Today we’re going to answer the question, “Why do we take such care to create highly detailed submittal packages?”

The answer is simple. We want you to have great confidence that when we present our product to you on paper or on screen, you get a chance to look at it and see what you’re going to get in every detail so that you have confidence to know that it’s going to work for your application. Your equipment’s going to fit. It’s going to fit the site plan. The sizes are right; the locations of doors are correct. So today we’re going to walk through that process and show you how we create these awesome submittal packages.

Let me introduce you to Melany. Melany has been with Shelter Works for how long now?

Melany: About eight years.

Tracy: Eight years, so you’ve done thousands of drawings.

Melany: Yes.

Tracy: Okay, Melany makes this happen. Okay, so Melany , take us on a tour of one of your 3D models.

Melany: Okay. This is a pretty typical building. It does have the full lighting package with exterior lights and interior lights, as you can see here.

Tracy: Right here?

Melany: Yeah. This is a little unique in that it has a partition wall, so we’ve created two separate rooms, both of which have their own heating and electrical package so that they can be used separately. And this here is a pretty common feature that we provide, it’s a bulkhead. These are skylights, a translucent skylight.

Tracy: Right. All four of them?

Melany: All four of them, that provide lighting, extra lighting for this room.

Tracy: Right. So it’s great how you can take a drawing like that, spin it around, look at it, turn it upside down and inside out, and really see what you’re getting, but can a customer do that? Can they look at that drawing and twirl it around the way you do?

Melany: Absolutely. Even if they don’t have a 3D modeling software, they can access a 3D PDF through any free PDF reader, just like you would your standard drawing package PDF. I can send the 3D. We also have the capability of integrating their equipment into our 3D model if they have a 3D model of the equipment. That way they can avoid any interference and make sure that the penetrations are going to be in the right spot.

Tracy: Right. You don’t want to open a door and just be confronted with your equipment. You want to make sure that things lay out properly so you’ve got clearance behind your electrical panels for NEC Code, and you’ve got room to walk into the building and walk around your equipment, whatever it’s going to be.

Melany: Absolutely, yeah.

Tracy: Yeah, and seeing it all in 3D, integrated together, gives you that confidence that you know you’re ordering the right thing for your job.

So what the client receives in email form, typically, is this submittal package. All the pages are assembled by Melany and then delivered through the project managers to the client for their review and approval. It shows all of the views: inside, outside, elevation views, isometric views. There’s an items list for all of the individual components that have been purchased for the job and specified for the job.  Ill give you a typical cut sheet.

If this is going to have an electrical panel, you’re going to get a detailed print from us: a picture of the panel, what it’s going to look like, a description of it, specifications for it, part numbers, so you don’t have to look at a photocopy of a general catalog cut page and try to decipher what you’re going to get.

So I think you can see that by making really clear, detailed submittal drawings, and cut sheets, and packages, you’re going to have the best chance of getting exactly what you’re looking for in one of our shelters, and when Melany sends out that first set of drawings for your review, if you find something that needs to be changed, send it back to us. We will review things and revise things three times without any additional charges, so we’ll get it right.

Melany: Yeah, that’s pretty standard, actually, to have a couple revisions to refine and tweak things to make sure it’s exactly what they need.

Tracy: Right. We want it to be right for you for the long haul. Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.