Why Might You Need Wood In Your Walls?

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Tracy Switzer, and today I’m going to answer the question, “Why might you need wood in your walls?”

There are three main reasons we put wood in the walls:

  1.  to provide support for heavy equipment
  2. to provide a thermal barrier
  3. to strengthen the walls for hurricane-force winds.

Here’s an example of a wood mounting pad. We’ve encapsulated it within the wall and mounted the heater on that pad. Wood reinforcement can be local like this in a small area, or it can be in the entire wall, or in all the walls, or in all the walls and roof and door. It just depends where you need reinforcement for heavy equipment.

Our typical walls and rooms are made with inch and a half foam core between layers of fiberglass, and we always have our proprietary FiberBeam technology in there. Fasteners holding lightweight things will hold with fiberglass just fine. It’s when things become heavy, like transformers and breaker panels, that you want more reinforcement in the walls. That’s where this type of laminate comes in. We can add a layer of wood material to the composite, providing excellent thread holding strength for carrying a load of heavy equipment.

The wood core material can be placed anywhere in the wall — inside for mounting things on the inside or can be put on the outside of the wall for mounting things on the outside. You wouldn’t see it on the outside of the building; it would be within the composite. Here, you see it’s embossed on the inside.

If your shelter needs reinforcements, but your specifications say you can’t use plywood, we have a solution for that too. This is a high density fiber reinforced foam. It has all the properties of foam and all the benefits of wood. It’s dense. It will hold a thread. You can mount heavy things to it, and it mounts beautifully within our composites.

If your shelter will be subject to the international building code, a 15-minute thermal barrier will be required on all the walls, roof, and doors. This layer of plywood provides that 15-minute thermal barrier.

Finally, wood can be placed in the walls to provide additional support and strength to resist hurricane-force winds.

Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.