What Door Options Are Available From Shelter Works?

Hi, I’m Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works. And today I’m going to answer the question,”What can you tell me about our door options from Shelter Works?” You already know that we make high-quality buildings. We have FiberBeam technology in our walls, roofs, and doors. We have FiberWrap doors so that they are seamless and they cannot come apart. But we have infinite door options as well, in terms of sizes, shapes, and the way they’re oriented. Let me start by showing you our door jamb.

All of our door jambs are formed into the wall during the molding process, so they’re not separate pieces that are later cut in, or adhered some way, or screwed together. The fiberglass skin on the outside wraps right into this door jamb. The fiberglass skin on the inside also wraps right around into this door jamb and creates a very stout structure. These jambs are about 5 inches deep, and they have a very wide jamb stop which prevents wind-blown debris, dust, or rain from penetrating into the building. Door jambs can be placed anywhere on the wall. We can slide them down to the left, slide them to the right, up or down; it all just depends on what you need and where you need it.

This building features two of our custom door options. It’s a double door, so it’s six feet wide, and it would have two three foot wide doors. It’s also elevated about six inches above the base frame to allow for a chemical spill containment in here. If any liquid were to spill in here, it won’t run out of the door jamb.

This building features another one of our custom options. Our standard doors are 3 foot wide and 6 foot 8 inches tall. This door happens to be 4 feet wide by 6 foot 8 inches tall, and its one of our many standard options. It features all the same standard features of our regular door. It has the hydraulic door closure which does a great job for us. It controls the swing of the door. It opens in a controlled way so the wind can’t grab it and rip it, and it closes in a controlled way so it doesn’t slam. Also, it has a ‘hold open’ feature, so when it’s pressed in the open position, it stays there (even if the wind is blowing a little bit).

Here we’ve also included an insulated glass window with a corrosion-resistant frame. It’s all a plastic frame. This building also features our standard 3 point hardware which latches the door at the top and the middle and the bottom with lever action that actually draws the door closed tight as you work the lever.

Our standard 3 point hardware is excellent for many applications, but sometimes panic hardware is better. Panic hardware is sometimes specified when the environment inside the enclosure presents certain hazards to people working in here. If there’s a condition where they have to get out quickly, you don’t have to think about how to work the levers of a three-point hardware system. On a modern touch bar, there’s just this push pad here. You push it, and you’re through the door.

Regular man doors on hinges are not the only solutions for getting in and out of one of our shelters. We can form a custom roof hatch in the roof which would allow you to drop a crane hook thru to pick up heavy equipment. We’ve made doors that were hinged along the top edge and tilt up by awnings that are held by gas springs. A real common solution is the rolling shutter door or the sectional garage doors. These allow for much wider widths or taller openings than we can get with standard swinging doors. The door jambs are still formed into the walls the way we do our other door jambs. These types of doors can be electrically operated or manual like this one.

All of our shelters are custom made just for you, the way you want it and need it. So whatever your need is, let us know and we can probably accommodate it. Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.