Spill and Secondary Containment

Shelter Works offers containment floors for the capture, control and removal of liquids. They are an optimal method of passive containment and spill cleanup as outlined by OSHA, EPA and DOT. They are ideal for drips,spills, or primary containment failure. Our fiberglass containment basins are resistant to chemicals, rust, corrosion, rot and decay. Alternative resins can be used depending on the chemicals being contained.

The basins can be customized to hold any volume of liquid — from drips to hundreds of gallons. They can be sized to fit any project, from the area under a barrel or shower to the full floor of the shelter. Liquids are stored in the containment basin until they can be removed with a sump pump or through a drain located on the shelter’s wall or floor.

FRP grated flooring can be added when a safe walking area is needed prior to liquid disposal. The grating is held in place by a built-in perimeter channel, and stanchions can be used for additional support.

Containment floors are an ideal solution to support your primary containment system. Whatever secondary containment your project needs, Shelter Works will design a solution for you.

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