Removable Access Panels

Hi, I’m Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works. Today, I’m going to answer the question, “What if I need to gain access to my equipment but a door is not the right solution?” Today, we’re going to talk about removable access panels. Well, what is an access panel?

Well, unlike a door, an access panel is typically something we don’t put a hinge on. We just intend these to be lifted off, set aside, so you can gain access to the equipment that’s behind this panel. We can make access panels in any size, and that’s what makes them, you know, custom for you. If you were just gonna have to settle for a pair of double doors, you might not get as much access as you wanted, or you might have to get two sets of double doors with a column in between, and that would be inconvenient. So, we make them just the way you want them.

In this case, it’s a very large panel, so we’ve got it latched in four places. We’ve got two sets of handles because this is a two-man operation to get this thing removed. So, you’d unlatch the four latches, lift this off, set it aside, work on the equipment as needed, put it back on, latch it, and walk away. The opening is flanged and formed in the manufacturing process, so it’s not something we cut. So, it’s completely gasketed and weather-proofed. And in addition, we’ve added this drip cap over the panel to keep water from running down and into the flange area.

So, pretty much all of our buildings, even if they have access panels, they always have a man-door where you can walk in and out. In this case, we have a double door. So, come on through the doors, and let’s take a peek at this access panel from the inside and get a better understanding of why it’s here.

You can see we’ve got the four latching devices on the panel. There are four tabs along the bottom that key into the flanged and gasketed opening. But try to imagine a large piece of equipment in here, it pretty much stands wall-to-wall, and you need to get access to service something on the side here. That’s where an access panel comes into play. You can remove this large access panel, get at all the equipment alongside of this equipment and do anything you need to do with it, put the panel back on, and you’re done.

So, access panels are a great solution when you need something different than a door, that’s customized to the size and location of where you want access to something where you’ve got a spatial constraint.

Custom access panels are just one more way Shelter Works customizes buildings to be perfect for you .And remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.