Submittal Packages: From the Back of a Napkin to 3D Design

How Shelter Works Takes Client Descriptions and Turns Them Into Detailed Submittal Drawings

Some clients come to us with detailed, orderly drawings of what they are looking for in a field equipment enclosure, while others have a crude “cocktail napkin“ style drawing that starts off our process.  Some clients come to us with nothing at all — no drawing, no sketch, and only the roughest concept of exactly what they’ll need for their equipment protection. No matter what your drawings look like, Shelter Works will take that input and turn it into professionally developed, detailed submittal packages.

Start With The Request For Quote

The first step in the Shelter Works process is the Request for Quote (RFQ). Many customers include specifications and a drawing or sketch, but everyone should provide the detailed information that is found in our RFQ. This offers a list of options including the types of doors, windows, flooring, lighting, electrical packages, HVAC, and insulation requirements available for an equipment shelter.

Drawings Developed

Shelter Works project managers work closely with our CAD group to communicate your custom project needs. Together we will develop detailed drawings that can be emailed in several different formats.

  • Standard PDF

    Our standard drawing package will come as a typical 2D PDF, that can be viewed on any pdf viewer.

  • 2D AutoCad

    AutoCad .dwg files are available upon request.

  • Shelter 3-D Models

    Shelter Works can provide the custom building’s 3D SolidWorks model, or a universal 3D file format for clients with 3D capabilities. This will allow them to view their building from all angles to ensure it’s perfect for their project. For those without 3-D modeling software, they can access a 3-D PDF through any free PDF reader.

  • Incorporating The Equipment 3-D Models Into Our Drawings:

    If a client has a 3-D model of the equipment that is being protected, we have the capability of integrating it into our 3-D assembly. This ensures that the client can see how the building, and the equipment will interact; making certain that there will be no interference. This is especially beneficial in verifying that any bulkheads or knockout panels needed to accommodate wall penetrations will be included in exactly the right spot.

All of our submittal drawings include:

  • Interior views
  • Exterior views
  • Elevation views
  • Isometric views
  • Items list for requested componentry
  • Specific cut sheets for each component which would show:
    • A picture of the item
    • Component description
    • Component specifications
    • Part numbers

Submittal Package Review & Approval

Once the client has reviewed the drawings, they may want to make changes. Shelter Works will revise the drawings up to two times with no additional charges to make sure the shelter’s design meets the needs of the application. In addition, for a nominal fee , Shelter Works can provide engineered stamped drawings ready for a permit approval submission.

So no matter whether you come to us with a detailed site plan, pre-existing drawings or a sketch on a Post-It® note, we can help you get the detailed engineering design plans you need to ensure complete success with every project you have!