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Project Info
Project Name:
Ship To City:
Professional Services:
PE Stamped Drawings     
Yes       No
State Certified/3rd Party Factory Inspection
No       Yes
If yes, which state?           
Special Features:       Click Here to See Samples?
  Knockout Panel
  Floor Containment
  Highly Corrosive Environment Chemical/gas present
Overall Project Comments
Design Criteria
Exterior Color Click here to see samples
 Polar White
 Desert Sand
 Storm Gray
 Meadow Green
Custom Color:
Exterior Width:
Exterior Length:
Wall Height:

# Of Partition Walls N/A

Insulation-Base R-13 R-21

Wall Insulation Other
Roof Insulation Other
Reinforcements (Check this box if you would like extra reinforcements within your walls to hang heavy equipment.)
 Walls only
 All-walls, ceiling and door (IBC)
 No extra reinforcement needed
 No floor (standard)
 Structural Steel Frame (if selected, must select one finish below)
 2-Part Epoxy   Powder Coated   Galvanized
Floor Deck:
 Fiberglass non-skid (encapsulated plywood)
 1/8" Steel Checker Plate
 1/8" Vinyl tile over 3/4" plywood substrate
 Wood-framed FRP encapsulated base
Doors: Note: Standard includes stainless steel hinges, hydraulic closer, rain drip edge and raised step-over threshold with marine-syle continuous gasket.
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Door Type Quantity Hardware Threshold
36" x 80" (3068)
48" x 80" (4068)
72" x 80" (6068)
96" x 80" (8068)
Power Distribution and Lighting
 General Purpose (standard)
 Hazardous (explosion-proof)
 Class I Div I     Class I Div II
 Schedule 40 PVC (Not for use with explosion-proof)
 EMT (Not for use with explosion-proof)
 Rigid Glavanized Steel (RGS)
Service Type:    60htz (standard)    50htz
Service Phase:   1-PH    3-PH
Service Amperage:   100A    200A   400A
Surge Protection Device:       Yes
Transfer Switch:
 N/A    Manual (MTS)    Automatic (ATS)
Generator Receptacle:    No    Yes
If yes, please describe:
Service Disconnect:
 Interior (NEMA 1)  Exterior (NEMA 3R)
 100A  200A  400A
Alternate Electrical Gear:
 Auxilary Generator  UPS   DC Power System
 Please describe your needs:
 20A GFCI   Qty:  
 20A Twist Lock   Qty:  
 20A Duplex   
 Please describe your needs:
Interior Lighting:
(lighting switches at door(s), quantity based on shelter size)
 Fluorescent    LED
 Exit light above exterior door
 Yes    No  
Exterior lighting:
 LED   Qty  
 HPS   Qty  
 Incandescent   Qty  
Exterior Lighting Controls:
 Photocell    Motion    Switch
HVAC/Mechanical Systems
Mechanical Cooling:
 Window-mounted Air Conditioner
 Commercial Wall-mounted Air Conditioner
 1-ton   1.5-ton   2-ton    3-ton    5-ton
Heat Strip:    No   Yes
If "yes," please indicate size:
Economizer:    No   Yes
Redundant:    No   Yes
(two identical HVAC units controlled by a lead-lag)
Ventilation System:
 Natural cross-ventilation with rain hoods
 Powered exhaust fan:
Desired ACH:  
 Intake damper:
   Motorized      Gravity
Power source:
   AC      DC   Other  
Controlled by:
  Thermostat     Switch
Cable Ladder/tray:
  Steel (yellow zinc finish)
  Steel (grey finish)
4" dia. Entry Panel:
Options:     Qty: 
Grounding: # 2 Copper Halo    Other: 
Copper Ground bar(s):   Ground Whip:
1/4" x 2" x 8" Qty:  Yes No
1/4" x 4" x 12" Qty:  Yes No
1/4" x 4" x 20" Qty:  Yes No
Fire Extinguisher:
 ABC   CO2 
 5LB    10LB    20LB  
Automatic Fire detection and Suppression system:
 FM200    Novec25  
   Intrusion (each door)    Power Failure
   Low Temp    Humidity
   High Temp    Smoke
We can customize to meet your particular needs. Are there any non-standard issues that need to be addressed with this building? Is so, please describe them here. If you'd like to attach drawings that you already have, please indicate what we will be receiving and feel free to include them in your commmunication back to us.
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