Fiberglass Pump Covers & Well Head Covers

Shelter Works produces high quality fiberglass pump covers and fiberglass well covers for any location. In our thorough research, we have found fiberglass is the most reliable and durable protection for well pump house covers and well pump enclosures.

Due to their strength and durability, our fiberglass buildings ensure your pumps and wells are protected.

Most water pump covers and insulated well pump covers are located outdoors, making them susceptible to the weather elements. Unlike other material, such as steel and aluminum, the durability of fiberglass is unchanged, even in the harshest environments. Our fiberglass pump covers and fiberglass well covers can withstand extreme temperatures, hurricane-force winds, Alaskan snow loads, coastal climates and corrosive environments.

No Corrosion, Rot, Rust, Peeling, Cracking or Chipping Paint

The Shelter Works fiberglass pump house covers and fiberglass well pump enclosures will not corrode, rot, rust or decay. Avoid any weather-related damage to your well pump house enclosures by installing a high quality fiberglass well covers with Shelter Works.

Our fiberglass water pump covers, as well as our fiberglass insulated well pump covers are strong, yet light. More durable than steel, these fiberglass shelters can be manufactured to any specification required. Shelter Works premium fiberglass composite material has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel or aluminum.

Each of our fiberglass enclosures is virtually maintenance-free and easy to install. Shelter Works designs aesthetically pleasing covers that have a useful lifespan of over 60 years. Installation is made simple: use common construction equipment and have your engineered fiberglass shelter up and protecting your pumps and wells in no time.

Shelter Works has been manufacturing custom fiberglass pump covers, fiberglass well covers, and several other prefabricated enclosures for over 20 years. Each shelter we produce is engineered to order and is built to your exact specifications. Our experience alongside our wide range of capabilities allows us to manufacture orders for any cover or enclosure of any size, color or component.

Proprietary Construction

We utilize premium FiberBeam™ and FiberWrap technology with high-tech composite materials to deliver quality, durable and strong fiberglass shelters. Shelter Works fiberglass enclosures are independently lab-tested to ensure they withstand extreme conditions and hold the highest lifetime value. We offer an industry-leading 25-year warranty to our valued customers.

We have engineered fiberglass shelters and buildings for several of America’s toughest industries. Shelter Works protects field equipment in a wide variety of industries that include:

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