Instrument Shelters

Shelter Works’ instrument shelters offer unbeatable protection for any type of monitoring systems you need to protect. Made of fiberglass and constructed with our proprietary FiberBeam™ technology, these instrument shelters can defend against a variety of environmental factors while maintaining optimal operating conditions for your monitoring system.

What do you need for your instrument shelter?

Shelter Works custom-engineers every shelter for the individual project as specified. These buildings are:

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  • Built To Your Specifications

    Whether your system requires partition walls, detailed electrical, mechanical, HVAC or a particular color, we can build an instrumentation shelter exactly to your specifications.  While we have four standard colors (Polar White, Desert Sand, Meadow Green, and Storm Grey), we can match any color you need.

  • Strong

    The composite materials in our shelters ensure the highest strength to weight ratio. Pound for pound, these structures are stronger than steel.

  • Lightweight

    Fiberglass is often specified because it is lightweight. Our structures can be put on rooftops or other places where weight limitations are critical factors. It’s possible that the building you specify could be 30% lighter than a comparable metal structure or 80% lighter than the same type of concrete enclosure.

  • Energy-Efficient

    Shelter works unique fiber beam construction ensures that our buildings are energy-efficient, with no metal or wood to transfer extreme outside temperatures into the enclosure.

  • Carries a 25-Year Warranty

    If it was built by Shelter Works, It was “Built for Life.”  This means that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting field equipment protection that gives you the highest lifetime value and best quality possible.  To prove that, all of the shelters we manufacture come with a 25-year warranty.

  • Easy To Install

    Shelter Works offers a turn-key solution with easy installation. Our instrument shelters are lifted into place onto an on-site concrete pad using common construction vehicles in only a few hours. This is all done using minimal manpower, keeping costs down.

  • Perform in Any Environment

    These shelters can be engineered to withstand blistering heat or arctic cold, wind, snow and even salt salty seaside environments.  

  • Maintenance Free, Graffiti Resistant and Super Resilient

    Shelter Works fiberglass instrument shelters won’t rot, rust, corrode or decay. Their color comes from gel coat, which is cured to the surface of the building during the production process instead of painted on after.  Gel coat provides a high quality finish that protects against the elements and is immune to the maintenance issues that arise when using wood and metal shelters.     Our shelters resist damage from impact, chemicals, water or UV rays. In addition, graffiti easily comes off to ensure pleasing aesthetics in a multitude of city or world settings.

  • Any Size, Any Application

    All instrument shelters can be engineered to house your monitoring equipment, no matter the size.  By adding bulkheads, knockout panels or other access panels, you that can accommodate any existing or future equipment or site restrictions with ease.

Customization Options For Your Instrument Shelters

There are seemingly endless options. Learn more about all of our options by clicking on the options below:

Whatever your instrument shelters call for, you can rely on Shelter Works to deliver exactly what you need.

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