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For over 20 years, Shelter Works has been manufacturing fiberglass shelters, custom fiberglass enclosures, fiberglass buildings, and prefabricated shelters. All of our shelters are engineered to order and are built according to your specifications —we can accommodate orders for shelters of any size, any color and with any components!

We use exclusive FiberBeam™and FiberWrap technology and premium composite materials to deliver fiberglass buildings of unsurpassed quality, strength, and durability. Our fiberglass buildings have been through independent lab testing to ensure they can withstand the most extreme conditions and perform for the long-term. In addition, we offer our industry-leading 25-year warranty, whereas other buildings, such as those made of steel, concrete, or wood may only carry a substantially shorter warranty (perhaps a one- to five-year warranty).

Custom-Engineered To Your Specs

Fiberglass shelters in any size or color, for any industry or application with any options you need

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We’re “easy to do business with,” approaching every project with integrity and highest-quality service

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Unlimited Combinations of Options and Packages for Fiberglass Shelters

Every fiberglass building we make is engineered to each application’s unique specifications. We offer a wide range of options, packages, and features. We provide everything from small shelters that house valves and measuring equipment or serve as fiberglass pump enclosures to large buildings that accommodate complex field equipment and field staff. Each building is constructed to meet the exact requirements for insulation value, corrosion resistance, and/or fire retardancy and any other physical properties necessary for the individual application. We can provide several access options, including single or double doors, garage doors, windows and vents, roof access panels, skylights, and more.  We offer equipment integration for HVAC and specialized electrical packages (both A/C and D/C), from standard PVC up to Class I Div I explosion proof.

Visit our FAQ page for more information on custom fiberglass enclosures.

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What Others Have To Say

“ I was thoroughly impressed with the equipment shelter provided by Shelter Works.” 

– Patrick D, MS, PE, Professional Engineer at a Civil Engineering Company

“These Shelter Works equipment shelters hold up very well; we’ve had some for more than 10 years now that show no wear and tear.”

 – Waste Water Plant Maintenance Specialist

“They are one of the few equipment shelter manufacturers that can meet state label requirements.” 

– Waste Water Supplier for Ohio Public Works

“Shelter Works is easy to do business with, and that’s why the USDA keeps coming back to them.” 

– General Contractor for Government Programs Facility

Absolutely I would work with them again. The price was right and the building was just what was needed! 

– Victor K., President of Construction Company


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