One Of The Ways We Put Quality In Each Shelter

We think it’s nice for our customers to see how we put quality in every building we make and give you a sense of the craftsmanship that goes in to our work. That’s why we occasionally highlight the men and women of Shelter Works who are making it happen.

“This is the first company where I’ve ‘bought in’ to what we’re doin’ here….I really care—about what we’re sending out, about my tools, about finding great solutions for buildings that look good!”

That’s how Rick Mullins, an Assembly Technician in our manufacturing facility, describes his perspective and the work he does creating buildings for Shelter Works that live up to the quality claims. Whether in our front offices or involved in the construction of our buildings, working at Shelter Works is something special, and it’s our people who contribute to our unique product and our unique culture. We believe that is tangible to our customers–something that they can see and feel when they order a building from us.

In a recent interview, Rick Mullins explained how he got to Shelter Works and how he views his work here. He graduated from University of Missouri St. Louis into a very difficult job market. He spent 8 years in construction before coming to Shelter Works but when he arrived, he immediately liked the culture. “As I was just learning about how to work with the fiberglass, I got to spend my day with these great guys, and we just had fun every day!”

In order for the production process to run as smoothly as possible, it’s important that everyone have an understanding of all of the different parts of the production process. Rick expressed an interest in the Assembly, which leveraged his construction experience and problem-solving skills. So now he is a part of the team that finishes the buildings, and every day, he and the others strive to make sure the buildings are finished beautifully. “Everyone is pushing to make it right,” he explained.

When Rick is not putting the finishing touches on a Shelter Works field equipment shelter, he can be found camping and hiking with his wife Annette (they’ve been married 33 years!), two daughters and three grandchildren (Anna age 10, Gage age 5 and Levi age 3).