What Kind of Door Do You Need?

Shelter Works offers a wide variety of access options, depending on the specific needs of your application. We have:

  • Single Doors: Single doors come as either a standard 3‘ wide or extra-wide 4‘ width with a 6‘ 8 inch height.
  • Double Doors: Double doors come as 6’ or 8’ doors.
  • Custom-sized Doors: You may also prefer some sort of custom door, such as an oversized door for greater access, a slider for tight spaces or a small access panel that can be opened as a regular door or hinged at the top and held with gas springs.
  • Proprietary Construction: All of these doors are manufactured by Shelter Works using our proprietary FiberWrap technology that won’t crack over time.
  • Rolling Doors: We can also install rolling shutter doors or sectional garage doors that allow for wider widths and greater accessibility. These can be either electrically or manually operated and can be insulated or un-insulated

  • Thresholds: The threshold to the door can be either step-over, which is our standard, or you can request an upgrade to a low profile threshold.
  • Elevations: You can also elevate the door if your application might call for that. One example would be if you have a containment floor.
  • Door Jams: All of our door jams are molded or formed into the wall during the molding process so that they are not separate pieces. These jams are about 5 inches deep and have a very wide jam stop which prevents wind-blown debris dust or rain from penetrating into the building. Door jams can be placed anywhere on the wall.
  • Windows: Our doors can come with or without a window. Your door can include an insulated glass window with a corrosion resistant frame or shatterproof glass.
  • Vents: When wall space is at a premium, vents can be added to doors.

No matter what type of door you need, Shelter Works can custom-engineer EXACTLY what you need. Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was Built for Life