Customize Your Fiberglass Shelter with Color!

One method of customization for your critical field equipment shelter is through color.  Some companies require the use of a specific color for recognition and branding purposes.  In one such case we were asked to match an orange Pantone swatch for four of our fiberglass buildings.

Another customer needed a specific pattern on their building, among other things, to meet the legal requirements for the project they were working on.  Read more about that job here.

Pantone Matched Fiberglass Buildings

Most of the time our standard colors of Storm Gray, Meadow Green, Desert Sand and Polar White will meet most job specifications.  But, in the event that you have a more defined color requirement, we are able to color match our custom buildings to meet your needs.

Whether for company branding purposes, legal requirements or the desire to generate a point of interest within your project, we are more than happy to play with color. For more examples of what we have accomplished with color customization click here.