Custom Shelters To Fit Any Need

Shelter Works makes custom fiberglass shelters in all shapes and sizes depending on the customer’s need.  When we say our buildings are custom designed, we mean it.  There is no

  • Location
  • Application
  • Specification

that we will think is too weird to tackle.  Our staff likes the challenge of custom designing and manufacturing the unique and the interesting.

A typical Shelter Works shelter will arrive on-site pre-assembled and ready to ‘drop in place’, but in 2007 we were approached to do something a little different.  Our customer, a marine survey company, wanted a shelter to be used as a work-out room on a sailing vessel.  They chose fiberglass because they needed a building that could withstand a damp, salt air environment.  Due to its final location, underneath the ship’s helicopter pad, the shelter had to be assembled on-site, requiring it to be delivered in pieces along with a custom assembly instruction package.

In some cases, customizing a field equipment shelter can be as simple as choosing a color.  Our standard colors of Polar White, Desert Sand, Storm Gray and Meadow Green will fit most customer’s job specifications, but sometimes, we get a request to shake things up a little.  On one set of buildings we matched a specific orange Pantone swatch to meet our customer’s branding requirements.  Another building, because of legal reasons, needed a custom red and white checker pattern.  Read more about that job here.  Whether it’s for company marketing purposes, legal requirements, a need to blend in with the scenery or a desire to stand out from the crowd, we can match any color.  For more examples of what we have accomplished with color read this article.

Sometimes, it’s the purpose of the field equipment housed that dictates the shelter’s features.  In cases where chemical spillage is a concern it is not uncommon to have a containment floor.  Although the floor looks like a cement grate, it’s actually a no skid, corrosion resistant FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) encapsulated plywood.  It gives dry access to potentially hazardous areas by allowing for spilled liquids to fall and collect below the walking surface.  One customer needed a way to centralize fluids for ease of collection.  We designed a containment floor featuring a drainage basin that sloped towards the center, providing a central area to contain and collect spilled liquids from.

At Shelter Works we embrace a challenge and live by the motto that nothing is impossible.  If your project needs a specific feature that you haven’t seen before, call us and see what we can do.  Custom fiberglass shelters are our specialty.