Even Better Quality for Our Doors

Our new and improved production processes for our proprietary FiberWrap™ doors ensures that the quality of our doors just keeps getting better!

This past month, we introduced a new, “closed-mold” process for our FiberWrap™ doors that has resulted in higher quality doors that maintain the high integrity, seamless, FiberWrap™ design that keeps moisture out and eliminates cracked doors, but those doors are now also:

  • Lighter

  • Stronger

  • More Uniform

  • Less Susceptible to the Wind

  • Easy on the Hands

“We’ve been testing this for several months now, working to get the process just right, and we are now so excited to have hit upon just the right procedure for these high-quality doors to be manufactured in this new manner,” explained Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works.

Closed-mold fiberglass production is excellent for making fiberglass parts that are uniform–always the same. While most everything on a Shelter Works building is custom-engineered exactly to our customers specifications, the 3’ wide doors we build are great candidates for this procedure because they are always built in the same way. Tracy explained, “The proprietary FiberWrap™ engineering was developed to keep doors from cracking, splitting, or warping over time, and this new process keeps that design intact and yet also creates a door that is more uniform, has a beautiful feel to it and no sharp edges. It’s very easy on the hands.”

A side benefit of this production process for these lighter, stronger doors is that this production methodology reduces emissions every time we make these doors. Since our FiberWrap™ doors are used with almost every fiberglass field equipment shelter we make as either single- or double door entryways, all that can add up over time.

If you’d like to learn more about our FiberWrap™ doors, check here.