Low-cost and highly effective product

“Duke Energy has been a customer of Shelter Works for more than 5 years. We continue to do business with Shelter Works because they make high quality shelters that are maintenance-free and secure. They offer countless sizes and configurations and can be ordered with complete electrical and HVAC packages. We have found fiberglass shelters from Shelter Works to be a cost-effective solution for our applications.

Duke Energy used a Shelter Works enclosure on an application in 2003 in Weymouth, MA to enclose an ultrasonic meter application on a natural gas pipeline. This application is within 100 feet of the saltwater of Massachusetts Bay. After three years, the location showed little or no signs of wear and the door hardware and seals are in great shape.

The primary reason I continue to use their shelters include the quality of the manufactured product, the durability, and the high level of field service. Based on these reasons, I would highly recommend the Shelter Works equipment shelter as a low-cost and highly effective product to protect a variety of field equipment used in the utility industry.”

Steven Lynch, Senior Engineer, Duke Energy Gas Transmission