Hi, I’m Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works, and today I’m going to answer the question, “What makes our quality assurance program so special?”

Every reputable company has quality assurance documents, checklists, and travelers that follow the process, and we’re no exception to that. I think what makes us unique is that we’ve spent 20 years building a culture of quality. When I’m at Shelter Works, I spend about 60% of my day out on the plant floor, constantly reinforcing these quality standards that we’ve established, improving our processes, our methodologies, our skills, and our applications, and it seems like even now when I’m not here, our guys are continuing with that culture. They make improvements on their own, and it’s something they strive to do and are very proud of. I think that’s unique and special.

So now let’s get into the nitty-gritty. All of our buildings are made of walls and a roof and doors and some miscellaneous vent-hoods and things like that. Each one of those components is depicted on one travel, one sheet of paper that goes through the production process with the product. On that document, there are at least four points where things are signed off on. They’ve been checked and double-checked. The gel coat’s the right color and right thickness. It’s been mixed properly. The core material, whether it be foam core or a combination of foam and wood, it’s the right stuff –right thicknesses, right locations. Openings are formed at the right locations; doors are placed in the right locations, and finally, the thicknesses of the materials that are spread, (the fiberglass) are measured and checked on every single part that goes through the plant.

So here’s an example of a trailer before it’s gone into production. All the expectations are set over in this column over here. We’ve highlighted anything unique or special about the job, and it’s ready to go.

This is typical of jobs after they have gone through production. Measurements have all been double-checked. Colors have been signed off on. Twenty mils of gel coat were applied, and it was signed off by who did it and all on down the line. Everything’s been checked and double-checked.

Now that we’re sure that each of the components was made to our quality standards and your specifications, the components are brought to assembly and put together according to a detailed set of plans. Once assembled and all the components are installed (lighting fixtures, electrical packages, vents, fans, etc.), the building is subjected to another round of quality control checking by a quality control manager.

So the quality has been built in to each of the components. The building has been assembled according to detailed plans and now the QC manager will check his 55-point checklist to make sure everything’s been done according to specifications and plans. This assures that you get exactly the building you’ve been expecting.

So as you can see, we have a quality assurance process that starts at the very beginning, starting with gel coating the mold through the lamination process, trim process, assembly process, electrical and componentry process, and a final checklist as well.

But at Shelter Works, quality control is more than just checking a box. It is a culture we’ve developed over 20 years. Everybody here knows it, everybody lives it, and believes in it. Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.

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