What makes our doors, made with exclusive FiberWrap Technology, better than other fiberglass doors?


Hi, I’m Tracy Switzer and today I’m gonna answer the question, “What makes our doors and with exclusive FiberWrap technology better than other fiberglass doors?”

In typical fiberglass door construction, the fiberglass from the inside skin and the fiberglass from the outside skin meet at a joint. And the door is formed that way and the joint is then hard. And after the door is out of the mold, this flashing…this flange gets cut off leaving a joint like this where the doors, you know, the fiberglass is present. But the fiberglass does not continuously wrap around the door, leaving a joint that can separate.

This photograph illustrates what happens when a door does not have continuous fiberglass wrapped around the edge of the door. You can see that it’s starting to separate.

To prevent this type of cracking or separating, we’ve developed a process technology that eliminates the joint. Our fiberglass wraps completely around the door. There are no joints or seams to separate.

The blue line in this diagram illustrates how the fiberglass wraps completely around the door, top to bottom, side to side. There are just no seams, no points where an opening can begin to form.

A completely seamless one-piece door ensures long-lasting integrity. Remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for life.