Our customers have experienced great results by switching from brick, steel, wood, concrete or cinder block. In fact, some of the nation’s top utility companies have bought hundreds of fiberglass shelters from us. Here’s why:


The most obvious advantage is the maintenance-free nature of the material. A molded fiberglass building should last through at least 5 decades (and still counting) of exposure to the elements without noticeable deterioration. The gel coat may fade a little over that much time but underneath the gel coat the fiberglass reinforced plastic composite is as strong as it was at the start. There is no rusting metal; no peeling paint; no dents; no rotting wood; no cracking mortar.

Low Cost of Ownership

Because you don’t have to paint it, repair it, replace it, or fuss with it, there is no costly maintenance. The building practically pays for itself over its lifecycle.

Easy to Install

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Because our fiberglass buildings come fully assembled and ready to set, installation is a breeze. The fiberglass shelter shows up on a truck at the scheduled time and can be put into service the same day using common construction equipment and minimal manpower. No need to coordinate multiple subcontractors and deal with weather related delays to get a building built on site. This reduces completion time and lowers the overall costs of your construction project. You get exactly what you want when you need it.

Energy Efficient

Fiberglass buildings with an encapsulated foam core are very energy efficient. The way we make them, the insulation is basically continuous throughout the walls roof and doors. There are no metal or wood structural members to transfer extreme outside temperatures into the building. And because the rigid foam insulation is captured between two layers of solid fiberglass, it is protected from damage. We offer many levels of insulation beginning with R-10. Some customers claim to keep a good size building warm with a very small heater or even an incandescent light.


Get EXACTLY what you need. Aside from being able to customize the size, color, features and options of our buildings, there are many different formulas for the resin and fiberglass that allow it to meet special requirements.

Performs In Virtually Any Environment

That great durability remains unchanged even in extreme temperatures, hurricane winds, Alaskan snow loads, coastal climates and corrosive environments.


Finally, our fiberglass buildings are incredibly strong. We recently had one of our shelters certified to withstand 160 MPH winds for an application in a hurricane prone area. Another actually survived a direct hit from Hurricane Rita in 2005 and sustained no damage whatsoever. Witnesses were amazed.

For over 40 years, other customers have experienced the benefits of fiberglass shelters; now they will accept nothing else. We suspect you will feel the same.

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