Recent Trade Show Questions

In March, our sales team attended several trade shows that serve the natural gas, telecom and water and waste water industries.  There we met hundreds of professionals who need a telecom shelter, a water pump enclosure, or a natural gas equipment shelter to protect their field equipment in the best way possible.  They asked a lot of great questions.  In addition to the usual questions, here are a few (along with the answers) that we’d love to share with you!

I have an industrial enclosure that has a special need. Can you help me with that?

Yes! Every equipment shelter we make is custom-engineered, so you can have anything you want. What do you need?

I need a whole integration package for my telecom shelter. Can you do that?

No problem.

It seems like you guys are really flexible in your designs. Can I really specify anything?

Yes, really. Just tell us what you need.

What size buildings do you sell?

Any size you want. We can make a tiny 4’ x 4’ on-site safety shower stall, a huge 20’ x 40’ equipment building or anything in between.  There are no limitations, as we can accommodate whatever you need.

What if I need it to be 12.75’ wide? Can you do odd measurements?

No problem.

How much do these buildings weigh?

Because they are fiberglass, they are very lightweight, typically between 500-2000 pounds. Even our larger buildings are usually under 2000 pounds. That’s one reason they are good for rooftop applications.

I have a remote application and would need to have a helicopter airlift the building to the site. Is that a possibility?

No problem. Our equipment enclosures are often used in odd locations by the Forestry Service, in a mine or as 911 Emergency Response shelters

Can I ship it flat? I need it to go overseas.

While that is not usually how we do it, we can certainly ship it flat if need be.

I need a custom color. Can you do that?

No problem. We can custom-match any color you would like. Our buildings typically come in one of our four standard gel coats (Desert Sand, Polar White, Meadow  Green or Storm Grey), but we have also done red and white checkered buildings, bands of color around the top or bottom, stark yellow safety buildings and a ton of other color requests.

I need a roof hatch so I can get the equipment out of the building if need be. What about that?

No problem.  Check out this video.

I have a location with extreme temperatures, so I need more insulation. Can you handle that?

No problem. Our buildings can be built to any R-value that is needed.

Whatever your question, we’d love to help you come up with just the right solution for your field equipment shelter needs.  Give us a call at 800-794-8037.