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Railroad and Transit

Railroad Signal Bungalow and Other Transit Signal Houses

Transportation industries can have some very stringent requirements for their field equipment protection needs. Railroad and Transit Engineers are looking for long-lasting, attractive shelters with electrical packages that are built exactly to their specifications.

Here’s a building that we did for Union Pacific–what a difference!  You can read more about this railroad application on our blog!

Old shelter for the railroad industryBefore
New fiberglass shelter for the railroad industryAfter


For aviation, frangibility is very important, as it increases the overall safety of an airfield, because if an airplane crashed into it, it is better to have the building crush instead of the aircraft. Materials such as concrete or metal are therefore deemed as unacceptable. While wood construction would work, the maintenance costs are significantly higher than a fiberglass shelter. In the case of aviation, our clients require sturdy, secure buildings that can repeatedly withstand the forces of a jet wash that would still crumble in the event of an aircraft impact.

Applications include:

  1. Signal Bungalow
  2. Signal House
  3. Central Instrument House
  4. PTC enclosure
  5. Frangible Runway Shelters

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