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Custom Doors For Your Fiberglass Enclosure

Doors2fiberglass enclosure with open door

Our proprietary, hurricane-rated doors carry the ASTM E330 certification.

Our doors are made with our unique FiberWrap™ technology (check out the video on this page) and are designed to withstand the pressures and forces found in tornadoes and hurricanes. In order to pass the ASTM’s test, the door had to be able to sustain forces up to 150% of those you might experience in such a natural disaster. Shelter Works FiberWrap™ doors passed with flying colors!

We believe that the quality of our doors–from the base construction to the hardware to the gelcoat used for its durable finish–is important and expresses the quality of our entire building. It is the part of the building that experiences the most wear and tear, so it’s important to us that it is as strong as we can make it.

Solid Protection, Safety, Security, and Smooth Operation. Doors are the #1 stress point of every shelter, so we know they need to of the highest quality possible!

FiberWrap Seamless Doors

  • Shelter Works’ FiberWrap Seamless DoorsTM are designed and built using our proprietary process to maximize long-term performance. We form our doors in a two-part mold under pressure and our fiberglass actually wraps seamlessly around the core, creating an incredibly tough and durable door that will withstand decades of use and exposure without failure.
  • Single Doors
  • Double Doors

Door Hardware

  • Three heavy duty stainless steel ball-bearing hinges and an industrial hydraulic door closer ensure that the doors will operate smoothly, even in severe weather. All have latching mechanisms surface-mounted on the inside of the door so that the latches cannot be tampered with from the outside. This makes them VERY secure!
  • Two-point
  • Three-point hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Locking systems


  • Optional door awnings provide additional shelter and weather protection for personnel

Wide Doors

  • Wheatbelt Overhead Doors (motorized or manual)
  • Overhead Door
  • Roll-Up Doors